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At this moment in time, up to 600,000 warriors are faced with the
life changing effects from physical injuries, post-traumatic stress
disorder and traumatic brain injury as a result of combat.

These brave men and women often lose their families, friends and
careers as a result of these injuries, leaving them homeless, alone,
and hopeless.  Many face insurmountable obstacles as they are
seriously ill while fighting to get help from the military or the VA.  
This leads to severe depression, divorce and suicide at rates that are
more than 200% the national average and rising.  

David’s House represents our years of hard-won knowledge and
experience with what works, and what doesn't, in helping our heroes
move forward.  It is an innovative new way to promote
independence, healing and support for those who need it most.   
Since 2007, Family Of a Vet (FOV) has worked hard to help heroes and
families find their way as they deal with challenges presented by post
traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and other combat injuries
by meeting their hearts with our own. We connect those who have “been
there and done that” with those who are just beginning this often complex
and difficult journey.  We take an inclusive approach with the loved ones in
a wounded hero’s daily life because of a deep and personal understanding
what they face, and ensure that they don’t have to face those hurdles alone.

FOV identifies creative ways to educate, engage and involve organizations
and individuals in the Veteran’s local community.  We are unique in that
we don’t exclude *any* Veteran who needs help, and we have a 100%
volunteer staff.  We have also become a significant force for advocacy
with government leaders, for the lives and well-being of our heroes and
their loved ones.
Each day, Family Of a Vet receives growing numbers of cries for
help from injured veterans and their families. They, their spouses,
and their children face homelessness, are falling apart, desperately
alone, and giving up.  Suicide rates among veterans are rising
exponentially; divorce rates are twice the norm.  All of this, and more,
represents a grim reality for injured veterans and their families.

The fact is, that what was once a trickle of “bad” situations a few
years ago is now a flood.  That flood is only getting worse as the
systems intended to serve our veterans are failing under the load,
and resources drying up.  The result is the problems are growing.  
Drastic, systemic changes are needed to reverse this trend.

FOV has been developing David’s House for more than
five years.  The vision is to provide a safe haven where the
unique challenges faced by veterans and their families can
be faced and overcome; resulting in independence, hope
and a future for those who have sacrificed so much for
our country.  The program is designed by a team of
professionals and veterans, specifically to meet the needs
of veterans & families.

This ground-breaking whole-hero / whole-family
approach provides the resources, education, practical
skills and support that give our heroes and their loved
ones a way forward. Providing a solid support system,
social guidance and life skills gives our veterans and their
loved ones the tools they need to move forward together.   
FOV is working to acquire a 65 acre property located 30 minutes
outside Poplar Bluff, MO for $845,000.  

The property is equipped with multiple homes, administration
building with additional apartments, two 40 x 100’ dorm type
rooms, commercial kitchen with dining room and several additional
buildings.  It also offers with a chapel, library, wood shop area,
baseball diamond, basketball court, swimming pool, and several
common areas for group activities.

The property, with minimal updating, will be a $5,000,000 facility.  
The current owners believe in our mission, and have significantly
lowered the price to reflect their support of this project.  We are
launching both individual and corporate fund raising initiatives to
ensure that we can move forward with this property acquisition.
© Copyright / Family Of a Vet, Inc. All rights reserved.  Family Of a Vet is a national,
federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their loved ones cope with
injuries, survive, and thrive in life after combat.  Learn more online: